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We Tibetans
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It’s been a long, and often rocky journey for Teesside-based alternative four piece We Tibetans, with tragedy and difficult personal circumstances causing the group to cycle through a multitude of different faces and forms over the years. The fact that they have emerged from this to establish themselves as among the most energetic and engrossing acts to grace the Teesside music scene is testament to the resilience and love for music underpinning their work, reflected in their unique blend of punchy rock ‘n roll sounds with stirring lyricism.


Initially formed in 2017, the band was fronted by Young Rebel Set lead singer Matty Chipchase, accompanied by Danny Spooner among others. The sad passing of Chipchase in 2019 meant that, understandably, the music went on the backburner, causing the band to go on an indefinite hiatus. It was only when Luke Evans (also of Young Rebel Set) and Spooner listened to some of the old demos at a party that the Tibetans flame was rekindled, and the two decided to get back performing together. Thus was We Tibetans reborn, now under a revamped lineup featuring Evans as lead singer, Spooner taking up bass duties, and Ben Curry and Marty Bennett on lead guitar and drums respectively. 


The Tibetans sound harkens back to favourite acts of the Britpop era, replete with audacious guitar riffs and raucous vocals. Far from rehashing the same old formula, their music puts modern themes of alienation and mental health front and centre, reflecting many of the band members’ personal battles. The Tibetans’ ethos is never despairing, though; in fact, their music is riven with a rare sense of optimism, seeking to find redemption amidst the turmoil of modern life. “With any of it, it’s a bit of a snapshot into where your head’s at really”, Spooner says. “But there’s also got to be a progression and a resolve in the music… it’s got to be a reflection of the people who I’m around and the people in the audience”. 


It is precisely this energy that the band channels in their live performances, and their reputation as a fearless on-stage presence has seen their popularity grow at an astonishing rate. Since a spate of gigs in 2021 under the new lineup, they have grown to become among the most riveting acts on the Teesside music scene, performing to packed-out crowds at festivals and playing sold-out shows at Teesside’s most reputable venues. This local success has acted as a platform from which the group have branched out to bring their edgy and intrepid sound to venues across the country, as well as supporting such notorious acts as The Enemy and Bastille.


Their first single, Running Away, was released in 2022, and enraptured listeners with an exhilarating ride through personal turmoil and relationship breakdown. The follow-up White Knuckle Ride, a fiercely honest exploration of addiction, isolation and recovery, saw the band break new ground both sonically and thematically. Their hotly anticipated third single, Girls, Friends and Gods, promises to mature the Tibetans’ sound even further, presenting something that, while introspective, retains the verve and cutting edge that has thus far underpinned their success. 

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