Welcome to The Georgian Theatre

Music venues and music fans still aren't out of the woods yet, but we're getting there... 

Since November 5th 2020, our buildings have been under significant Covid-19 restrictions - BUT as of Friday May 21st, we will be reopening for socially distanced, all seated gigs.

We are assessing the implications of the latest government "roadmap" and will reopen fully and safely as soon as we can.  Please keep checking our websites and social media for up to date information.

Our programme will be getting rearranged on a week by week, month by month basis.  Once we have details, we'll be in touch with ticket holders and also publicise new arrangements on our social media.  If an event can't be rearranged, we'll cancel it and issue refunds.  If an event disappears completely from our listings; please don't panic - it means we're working on it behind the scenes.

We can't just pluck alternative dates from our diary.  We have to go back to the artist or their agent and come up with alternative dates that suit everyone.  At the moment, some artists and agents aren't easily contactable because of the impact of the pandemic; people are on furlough or self-isolating - and in some cases, because they are ill.

Please bear with us during this ongoing tricky time - we won't be able to reply to every single email asking for updates on a situation that we're actively working on...  so please keep checking our online information.

We want to work with artists; artists want to work with us - so our first priority is to re-schedule lost dates so that we can push as many shows into the near future as possible.  Once we come up with alternative dates; we'll be in touch with ticket holders. 

On a brighter note - we're still promoting a range of online events and activities - which can be viewed through our social media channels; please keep checking or up to date information.

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The Georgian Theatre is run by local music charity, Tees Music Alliance.  During tough times like these, we are relying on help and support from a range of organisation to keep doing our work to develop a thriving music scene for our area.  If you can afford to make a contribution to our work, please consider making a donation HERE.

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